Black Radish Books is back! After over a year hiatus since the passing of our beloved Marthe Reed, the press is rekindling its energy and its spirit of community and experimentation.

Marthe Reed was one of the mastheads and feminist matriarchs here at Black Radish Books. Her passing has forever altered the press, but her vision has prompted BRB to continue our community-minded work. Above all, Marthe sought justice for all beings and the planet. She will be deeply missed in the poetry community.

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Our collective editorial focus is to publish and promote innovative books of poetry, prose, cross-genre and other hybrid writing. We strive to operate with a collective impetus, and all board members are encouraged to contribute various talents other than the literary to the publishing of the press. Our goal is to allow members, not the artistic conscience of a press, to dictate the aesthetic. As such, our bent is best described as eclectic with focus on the difficult and the surprising.

We strongly support literary community collaboration and exchange, and we look for this spirit in our published and potential authors as well. All Black Radish Books authors are well-established creators of innovative writing and have been carefully selected based on quality, publication history, promotional/marketing ability (as established micro-presses, or as regular promoters of), and demonstrated commitment to actively supporting diverse aesthetics.

While we are presently unable to look at unsolicited submissions, please keep your eyes and ears peeled on our events page for future book calls, releases, recordings and reading events!

Interested in writing a review? Please contact us!

Black Radish Books are available through Small Press Distribution, Amazon and other online venues as well as via purchase or order at your local independent bookstore.



  1. Joyce Cohen says:

    good to know others are reaching out to our youth with writing projects.

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