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ITLL NEVER BE coverMark Lamoureux
Black Radish Books, 2016
WStyl(us)istically innovative, Baudelairian, ballsy and deliciously infectious as a record you want to lay the needle on again and again, reading Mark Lamoureux’s exhilarating and moving prose-poem/poetic-prose ‘album,’ IT’LL NEVER BE OVER FOR ME is a teleportive experience: time-traveling you back to land smack in the middle of the lover’s knot of city streets that forget as fast as they lay you out, flat on your face for a night on the town—a lover’s knot wrung out of Mods and Motown, strung out on speed and stay, Detroit to Manchester, the US and UK “...read more
Where they would never be invited
where they would never coverJesse Nissim
Black Radish Books, 2016
Jesse Nissim writes: ‘I am freely quoting a fantasy for less. / I call it a capitalism of the low roof, it is located / along the river with the continual pay per view.’ Jesse Nissim’s poems burn with a hard, gemlike flame; they call on us to become better and better and seeing and thinking and feeling. ‘I heard the suburbs found likable our business. / I dream of persons and pets. A family of staircases / measures space.’ How to be alone (how to be most alive), how to be with others (how to be most alive). “...read more
Hunter Monies
hunter monies coverJen Tynes
Black Radish Books, 2016
“Jen Tynes’ HUNTER MONIES is a tracking expedition. I find myself hooked on a voice, and I wander behind it. It echoes and distorts. It turns corners, and I hurry after it, and, only after catching it, do I realize the corner was a horse, the horse, a jar, the jar, a slaw or a bloodletting or a flea market emptied out after a busy morning. This is a world simultaneously strange and familiar. I hear talking and realize I’m been eavesdropping and try to figure out what I’m listening to: a voice consulting with itself, a voice talking to a corpse it refuses to admit is dead?”...read more
the meshes
meshes coverBrittany Billmeyer-Finn
Black Radish Books, 2015
THE MESHES is a creative four-part record of the author’s imaginative engagement with the films and aesthetics of the late Maya Deren (1917-1961). Across the poetry, prose, polyphonic performance, and polyvocal bibliography contained herein, Billmeyer-Finn’s use of language is immediately evocative of the compelling images and salient issues inspired by Deren’s oneiric, choreographic, and nonfiction films.”…read more
CANT COVERDavid James Miller
Black Radish Books,2015
CANT is an evocative soundscape of verbal cues that propose ways to go beyond a semiotic account of phenomena. This immersive score brings into existence sustained listening zones where diachronic difference and sonic concatenation are finely tuned to the subtlest frequencies. David James Miller’s arrangement of tone clusters evokes auditory dimensions that hover between the specifics of attention and formless”…read more
Orphan Machines
Black Radish Books, 2015
In ORPHAN MACHINES, Carrie Hunter stages a kind of cyborgian theater where ideology is brilliantly dismantled to unmask the real. With each startling construction, spaced across aerated pages or set in tight prose blocks, she discovers a form of liberation struggle. Her subjects—philosophy, sexuality, sociality, music—always interpenetrate, because it is life that is at issue, and life is mixed up.”…read more
Luci: A Forbidden Soteriology
jjluci sm front COVERj/j 

Black Radish Books, 2015
“j/j hastain’s Luci is the most seductive devil I’ve met in some time. A queer devil, she must learn to know her cursed body in all its mercurial forms—as black hole, cave lip, letter, fatty winged-thing, beauty, ravisher, mass of genres, thirsts, and images.”
…read more
a game of correspondence
Val Witte coverValerie Witte 
Black Radish Books, 2015
In her astute new book, Valerie Witte investigates correspondence as both an act of communication and the prospect of communion; her poems are suffused with the necessary haunting of these urgent impossibilities, a kind of animal, a kind of seizure. Witte interrupts her smooth surfaces with gorgeously jagged punctuation, stuttered cadence, animate line breaks, and deft leaps”...read more
Electrical Theories of Femininity
mangold FRONT COVERSarah Mangold
Black Radish Books, 2015
“What does it mean to be a poet in the age of smartphones, big data, and microblogs? Sarah Mangold returns us to an earlier disorienting era—of gramophones, manual typewriters, and hand-cranked telephones—when sound and facts also traveled too far, too fast. She thinks through and with that modernist moment as a means of providing insight into the ‘astonishingness’ of the twenty-first century”
...read more
A House Without A Roof Is Open To The Stars
Carignan coverMackenzie Carignan

Black Radish Books, 2015
. “In A HOUSE WITHOUT A ROOF IS OPEN TO THE STARS, Mackenzie Carignan’s poems make their way into the reader’s consciousness by way of scrupulous perception. Carignan’s acuity creates a vision of the world that the reader trusts even as it proves itself strange, eccentric. ‘Spectacle and skeptical,’ she writes, ‘they both come from a speck / a fleck / a flicker a sliver / of what we see.’
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Tax Dollar Super Sonnet, Featuring Sarah Palin as Poet
Tax Dollar Super-SonnetNicole Mauro
Black Radish Books, 2014
Poetry.“Featuring one giant ‘super’ sonnet of text from presidential speeches (Obama to Washington) and prose poems using Sarah Palin’s autobiography, Going Rouge, and Emily Dickinon’s Books”...
read more
Dear Jack
Dear JackJill Stengel
Black Radish Books, 2013
Poetry.“In this collection of short poems, some only a few words, Jill Stengel has written a large book in psychological scope and emotional depth…read more
CaddishSusana Gardner
Black Radish Books, 2013 
Poetry. “CADDISH mourns dishonorable modes of historical masculinity by celebrating our slutty embodiment in a studied poetry that is hyper-literary,…read more
DisclosureDana Teen Lomax
BlBlack Radish Books, 2011
Poetry. In the age of data mining and identity theft, Dana Teen Lomax’s DISCLOSURE has been called“the new memoir.” Recently anthologizedread more
GazeMarthe Reed
Black Radish Books, 2010 
Poetry. In the de-stabilized intersection of fashion, the war on terror, and cultural constructions of the feminine, GAZE explores the resulting…read more
HersoHerso An Heirship in Waves
Susana Gardner
Black Radish Books, 2011
Poetry. “I don’t know another poet so formally daring. Rebellious curlicue and lace significant: the pages gleam with pleasure, finesse and audacious …read more
Infinite Variations
Infinite VariationsMarci Nelligan
Black Radish Books, 2012
Poetry. Composed from source-text randomly selected
On the Origin of the Species and the Old Testament, INFINITE VARIATIONS seeks… read more
Kindergarde: Avant-Garde Poems,
Plays, Stories, and 
Songs for Children
Kindergarde: Avant-Garde Poems, Plays, Stories, and Songs for ChildrenDana Teen Lomax, Editor
Black Radish Books, 2013 
Poetry. Drama. Young Adult Fiction. KINDERGARDE: AVANT-GARDE POEMS, PLAYS, STORIES,…read more
david wolach
Black Radish Books, 2010
Poetry. Joan Retallack writes that OCCULTATIONS enacts the “courage of paradoxical evocation.” For David Buuck, such evocation helps us consider that …read more
Sonja Sekula :Sonja Sekula : Grace in a cow
Grace in a cow’s EYE :
a memoir
Katrin Schaeppi
Black Radish Books, 2011
Poetry. LGBT Studies. Art.
“‘I love words—to me writing is drawing.’ So says artist SonjaSekula. And so it is in her hands…read more
Mark Lamoureux
Black Radish Books, 2010 
Poetry. “Lamoureux’s disturbing and often distinctly American landscapes explore the interface between fantasy and fatalism, magic and machine. In the…read more
The Arakaki Permutations
James Maughn
The Arakaki PermutationsBlack Radish Books,  2011 
Poetry. “In THE ARAKAKI PERMUTATIONS, James Maughn continues his uncompromising engagement with the catechisms of martial kata and their intersection …read more
The Dead Love: Hands and More Hands TogetherThe Dead Love: Hands and More Hands Together
Jared Hayes
Black Radish Books, 2012
Poetry. “I understand Jared Hayes is conducting here a deep spelunking into connected caverns of other texts. What I don’t yet quite grasp is how …read more
The IncompossibleThe Incompossible
Carrie Hunter
Black Radish Books, 2011
Poetry. “Every once in a while there’s a collection of poems that cancels my way of thinking for a better way. Carrie Hunter’s THE INCOMPOSSIBLE…read more
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