kathrin schaeppi

Kathrin Schaeppi lives in Basel, Switzerland, and studies at  the International School for Analytical  Psychology in Zürich. She has received degrees in Women’s Studies from San Diego State University and in Creative Writing from Goddard College. She has authored several chapbooks and a family chronicle. Creative and critical work has appeared in Dusie, Cleaves Journal, Interim, Jacket, Listenlight, Sous  Rature, Tarpaulin Sky, Wheelhouse  Magazine, and OSL Verlag. As the editor of ellectrique press she has issued several books including Spell/ing () Bound, a collaborative  objet d’art in a limited edition. Her first full-length collection, Sonja Sekula: Grace in a cow’s EYE: a memoir, was published with Black Radish Books in 2010.

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