jill stengel

Jill Stengel

Jill Stengel founded a+bend press in 1999 as the print component of her poetry reading

and publication series held in San Francisco’s historically-rich North Beach, producing a chapbook for each reader. Later she added a journal, mem, featuring writing by poet-mothers raising young children. Several of Jill’s serial poems have appeared in chapbook form; a selection can be viewed online at dusie.org. Her writing has also appeared in print and online journals and anthologies, including Boog City, Shampoo,

Traffic, Try, and Touched by Adoption. She has taught poetry and book arts, participates in poetry collectives, and is active in the Poet-Moms listserv community. Jill lives in Davis, CA with her computer-guy husband, three language-loving children, two cats, one dog, and a hermit crab.

Dear Jack is now available from Black Radish Books, 2013! Get your copy today.

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2 Responses to jill stengel

  1. Miriam L de Uriarte says:

    Greetings. Is it possible to order 3 chap books from a+press? If so, how? I live in Guanajuato, Mexico, and am a founding poet of EMBAJADORAS PRESS, and La Presa literary journal. Gracias, Miriam de Uriarte.

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