david james miller


David James Miller is the author of As Sequence and Facts & Other Objects, and his book CANT is forthcoming from Black Radish Books. His poetry and critical writing can be found in : The Cultural Society,LVNG, Moria, The Poetry Project Newsletter, Jacket2, Drunken Boat, and elsewhere. He edits elis press, and SET, a bi-annual journal of innovative poetry. He lives with his family.

David James Miller’s Black Radish title Cant published October 2015, is available at SPD.

Praise for Cant

“CANT is an evocative soundscape of verbal cues that propose ways to go beyond a semiotic account of phenomena. This immersive score brings into existence sustained listening zones where diachronic difference and sonic concatenation are finely tuned to the subtlest frequencies. David James Miller’s arrangement of tone clusters evokes auditory dimensions that hover between the specifics of attention and formless, unvectored coming into being—through subliminal pulsation, pitch and interval and also bountiful silence. CANT is an infinitely beautiful field recording of living impressions as well as an auditory response to the history of sound and sense-making. Aurality involves the whole body and the total ecology. The experience of engaging CANT is about drawing out the bountiful ambience of occurrence—presencing with rapt attention, open to wonder.”—Brenda Iijima

The wind chimes—six metal tubes—were supposed to play an old tune, a
“spritual.”  Only they didn’t.  Or the wind didn’t.  Instead, a single
chime might strike another producing a single tone.  Sometimes two or
three together, a ripple, sometimes all at once in a wild (spirited)
cascade.  So these poems.  Which, in their own play, produce new,
unexpected and unanticipated resonance/resonances.  This is valuable,
giving new life to “the life.”  It behooves us, then, to listen.—John Taggart

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