radishPlease support Black Radish Books by purchasing pre-publication copies of our 2018 titles through PayPal. Your book(s) will be shipped as they are released. logo_paypal_106x28

All SIX 2018 titles: $55 plus $10 shipping (total)

PRE- by Barbara Tomash, Foreign Native by Lisa Samuels, muted blood by mónica teresa ortiz, CORPOREAL by Jean Vengua, The Beautiful by Dana Teen Lomax, Superzer0ic by Nicole Mauro

Individual 2018 titles: $15.00 plus $2.00 shipping.

Tomash front cover


PRE- by Barbara Tomash



lisa samuels cvr black background FRONT


Foreign NativeI by Lisa Samuels





muted blood by mónica teresa ortiz 

CORPOREAL by Jean Vengua

THE BEAUTIFUL by Dana Teen Lomax

Superzer0ic by Nicole Mauro

radishBlack Radish titles at SPD

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